Make a face-to-face ask

This is is the simplest and most direct way. Talk about your involvement in the Run to Feed the Hungry and then ask for a donation. A direct request like this often results in the largest donation. 

Send a fundraising e-mail

It’s quick and easy and extremely effective. You can do it straight from your fundraising page.

Mail a fundraising letter

You can create a fundraising letter by discussing Run to Feed the Hungry, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and your own details about why you are walking/running. 

Pick up the phone

This approach is almost as good as a face-to-face request. Let your donor know that for each $1 they donate, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services provides $10 of goods and services directly to the Sacramento community.

Be sure to provide your donors with your Fund Raising ID # 

This ensures their donations will be credited to your page and make your thermometer rise.

10 Tips to Raise $250 TOTAL

Show your support and put in the first donation -- $25
Ask your partner or spouse for a $25 contribution -- $50
E-mail a friend for a $25 sponsorship -- $75
Ask your doctor, dentist, lawyer or insurance representative for a $25 donation -- $100
E-mail a relative who lives in another state for $25 -- $125
Ask a member of your spiritual community for $25 -- $150
E-mail a colleague and ask for a $25 donation -- $175
Ask a business that you frequent for a $25 donation -- $200
Think of someone to educate about those in need in our community and ask them for a $25 donation -- $225
Ask a close relative, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent for a $25 contribution -- $250
Make a list of possible donors and think about the best method to approach each of them.